Groupon wasn’t originally meant to be about commerce at all. The founder, Andrew Mason, intended his company to become a ‘collective activism platform’ called The Point. Its goal was to bring people together to solve problems they couldn’t solve on their own … The Point’s early results were disappointing … they were determined to keep the new product simple … ‘We took a WordPress Blog and skinned it to say Groupon … The actual coupon generation that we were doing was all FileMaker. We would run a script that would e-mail the coupon PDF to people. It got to the point where we’d sell 500 sushi coupons in a day, and we’d send 500 PDFs to people with Apple Mail.’ … A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) helps entrepreneurs start the process of learning as quickly as possible.

Eric Ries, Lean Startup, (p. 92-93)


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